Even though RHW Metals is based out of Texas, we are capable of distributing world wide. We have a fleet of trucks that deliver weekly to regions such as Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana, but more than 10 other states can receive their material within two business days via freight. We pride on our ability to get your material delivered quicker than our competitors to make certain that your supply chain runs smoothly.

Delivering to the following areas


  • Houston: Monday - Friday
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth: Wednesday
  • Shreveport, LA: Tuesday, Thursday
  • South Louisiana: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • East Texas: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Oklahoma: Wednesday, Friday
  • Odessa/Midland: Monday - Friday
  • New Mexico/Abilene/Wichita Falls: Monday
  • Austin/San Antonio: Call for Schedule


gray-key Next Day Delivery

orange-key Second Day Delivery

Longview Office


39 F.R.J. Drive  |   Longview, TX 75602

P.O. Box 3489  |   Longview, TX 75606


Phone: 903-758-5450
Toll Free: 800-633-5111
Fax: 903-758-5677


Odessa Office


1551 Laredo Drive  |  Odessa, TX 79761

P.O. Box 3507  |  Longview, TX 75606


Phone: 432-580-4143
Toll Free: 888-414-1999
Fax: 432-332-4239


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