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Stainless Bar

17-4 HH1150 Sizes 1”-8” OD

Used where high strength and good corrosion resistance are required, as well as for applications requiring high fatigue strength, good resistance to galling, seizing and stress corrosion. Suitable for intricate parts requiring machining and welding, and/or where distortion in conventional heat treatment is a problem

410 QDT Sizes 9”-21” OD
Type 410 is the basic chromium grade of stainless steel. It combines good corrosion resistance with the ability to develop hardness and mechanical properties by conventional heat treating methods that are similar to those of 4130 alloy steel. It is magnetic in all conditions.


Carbon Bar

1018 CR Sizes 3/16" OD to 8" OD
This material has a very smooth finish and is easily welded. Cold roll is generally stronger than 1018 hot roll and is commonly used for shafting material.
1144 CR Stressproof™ Sizes ¼" OD to 4-½" OD
Stressproof™ is a lot stronger than 1018 cold roll, but is not easily welded. It has been strained and tempered and does not warp when you machine it.
1018 HR Sizes 1" OD to 24" OD
This type of material is considered a mild carbon steel and is easily machined and weldable. Since it is a good carburizing steel, it is especially suitable for parts requiring high surface hardness with a relatively soft core.
1045 HR Sizes 2" OD to 30" OD
 This grade is not readily weldable due to its higher carbon content. It is suitable for applications involving forging, heat treating, cold drawing, and machining.  This medium carbon steel should be used where greater strength is required than can be obtained from the lower carbon steels.


Carbon Tubing

1020/26 DOM Tubing (ASTM A 513 Type 5)

DOM stands for Drawn Over Mandrel Steel Tubing. The surface of Drawn Over Mandrel reduces finishing costs and in some instances, coupled with closer concentricity, may eliminate altogether the necessity for additional finishing. DOM is used for hydraulic tubing and as a sleeve for shafts. It may be machined, formed welded, carburized, and subjected to other fabricating techniques that are ordinarily applied to low carbon steel. DOM is stronger than 1026 HF Seamless Tubing.

1020/26 HF Seamless Tubing (ASTM A 519}

Hot finished seamless tubes can be used similarly to 1018/20 HR.


Square Bar

4130 NQT Nace Spec API Type 6A PSL3
9"-16", 18" and 20" SQ


Alloy Bar

4330V MOD Sizes 2-1/2" OD to 9" OD
4330V Mod is a low alloy steel with high strength, 150 KSI yield and 321 to 375 BHN. This material has superior impact resistance and is often used rather than 4140 due to its higher strength levels, better hardenability, and its CVN impact toughness.
4130 NQT Nace Spec API Type 6A PSL3
Sizes 3" OD to 32" OD

Our 4130 normalized, quenched, and tempered material meets Nace Spec MR0175 API 6A and is charpy tested with a minimum yield of 75,000 and a hardness of 18 to 22 RC. This grade provides a degree of weldability not found in the higher carbon alloys and the nickel content improves ductility.

4140 HT

Sizes ½" OD to 25" OD

The 4140 Quenched and Tempered bar that RHW Metals stocks is very strong with a hardness of 30 to 36 RC (285 to 341 BHN) and an 110,000 minimum yield. Any 4140 responds readily to heat treatment and is relatively easy to machine in the heat treated state.

4140 Ultra Bar™ Sizes 2" OD to 4-¾" OD
Ultra-Bar refers to the bar being heated while under tension by electrical resistance and immediately water quenched for full hardenability. Because each bar is tempered under tension, you get straightness without mechanical straightening. In addition to being stress free, Ultra-Bar also has improved toughness, better fatigue resistance, improved machinability, superior surface condition, no quench cracks, outstanding uniformity, and greater economy.
4340 Annealed Sizes 2-½" OD to 24" OD
Due to a high alloy content, this grade is the most expensive we carry. It can be taken up to a very high hardness, but is difficult to weld. The material is usually machined in the annealed state and then the part is heat treated.
8620 HR Sizes 3" OD to 24" OD
This is our least expensive alloy bar and is carburizing steel. Excellent toughness and ductility come from the nickel. The chromium and molybdenum increase hardness penetration and wear. It is good for machinability and polishing. This grade is easily weldable.
8620 CR & 316 SS Valve Rod Sizes up to 1-1/16" OD
The most widely used carburizing alloy. It's known for good toughness and ductility. The well balanced alloy content permits hardening to produce a strong, tough core and high case hardness. Cold rolled is smoother and has a closer finish than hot rolled. We stock lengths ranging from 16" to 30" long.


Valve Rod

316 Valve Rod Sizes 5/8"-1" OD

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